The Artist Circle at TMC

The blog for The Moody Church’s Artist Circle recently published an essay I wrote on “The Tree of Life”.  The essay includes several points I made in the blog post here.  Click here to read it.

While you’re there on the Artist Circle blog, take a look around.  For artists (of all kinds) in the Church, The Artist Circle at The Moody Church provides a good model for using one’s artistic capabilities for the edification of God’s people.  I serve as one of the film representatives for the AC and it’s hard to overestimate how encouraging and challenging this group has been for me.  It’s self-described mission statement is:

To provide meaningful connections between artists for mutual encouragement, accountability and mentorship. As the network grows, the Artist Circle can expand with opportunity for artists to enhance corporate worship, events to cultivate an awareness and appreciation for the arts within the church, and to engage and shape culture through compelling art that is borne out of a Biblical worldview.

Bookmark the website.  I encourage you to check it often as Mark Walczak continues to post original content and new recommendations.


About Collin Damon Welch
Collin worked in the film/TV industry for a while. Now he's pursuing ministry. He and his incomparably beautiful wife Nicole live in Chicago.

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